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Ally May Carey & Will Tresidder

Ally Many Carey and Will Tresidder

Tell us who you are, as described by each other.

Will: Ally is a funny, creative, caring, ring tail possum, that lights up a room and brings a smile to everyone's face. Adventurous and never say no to a challenge and most importantly Bowie’s momma-bear.

Ally: Will is everyone’s friend. He makes everyone feel welcome, makes everyone smile and I admire he could walk into a room filled with 100 strangers and be okay. He’s kind, generous and loves adventures. When he has his mind set on something, there is no stopping him. He’s the best dad to our little Bowie-girl.

"We really help each other believe in ourselves, and this in itself has helped us as a duo and creating separately."

Can you talk about your process when creating together?

It’s really organic. I think over the years I have helped will believe in his creative side. He is very business minded, and I am very creative, so as a team, we work really well. We really help each other believe in ourselves, and this in itself has helped us as a duo and creating separately. When someone is encouraging you and cheering you on from the side-line, it really helps you believe in your ability more.

Ally May Carey for GINIA

Where do you draw creative inspiration?

Creativity is my life. When I am not expressing or creating, I am imbalanced. I really notice a connection between my mentality and creative output. If I am having a rough day, I dive into something creative; whether that be photography, creative writing, collage, digital artwork or graphic design.
I find my inspiration through so many mediums; film, artwork, artists, every day people, old books, new books, websites, exhibitions, food, vintage, Art Deco furniture, travel. I try and find the beauty in the small things, which sounds cliche, but it really is inspiring.

"At the end of the day, time is the best gift you can give each other in a relationship."

You have a moment to yourselves, what are you up to?

We are each others best friend, and we just love each others company. We do so many things together. From watching films, to playing cards, to picnics, to renovating, to traveling and creating. We also love that we can sit in the same room and do our own thing. That’s really important to both of us too.

Ally May Carey Interview

Do you have any rituals that you share in your everyday life?

We take it in turns each morning to make coffee, then we walk Bowie. We also make sure we have a date night, even if its a simple dinner at home with a movie.

You have a beautiful home, what inspires you when decorating your space?

Both of our favourite decade is the 70s, so that’s played a big part. Art Deco is our favourite when sourcing interesting pieces. We love a mix of vintage and new, to create dimension and a cosy feel. Will is Scandinavian, so he brings a sense of “clean” with design approach. And I love colour, so we balance each other out really well, otherwise we’d both go too far in one direction.

What will Feb 14th look like for you?

Something simple, nothing too complicated. I think both of our feelings towards Valentine's day, is less is more.
When you’re younger, I think you try and overdo it, or you feel like you haven’t done enough because other people are doing more. The older we are, we are happy to just do a simple picnic and take time for each other. At the end of the day, time is the best gift you can give each other in a relationship.