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Franziska + Clint: A Wedding Story

Franziska and Clint arrived at their long-awaited big day, on the spectacular Amalfi Coast, to create a day filled with a whole lot of joy, love and pure happiness. GINIA sit down with Fran to learn about the details that made the day unforgettable. Photographer: Katie Grant

Fran Adler Bridal Party

"I had my heart set on Italy and we were undecided between Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast for a few months but in the end we decided that Amalfi would be a special experience for a lot of our guests who had never been there. Ultimately we wanted to be close by the ocean without compromising on romance!"

Fran Adler Wedding

"We actually went on a family holiday to the Amalfi Coast a few weeks after we got engaged in 2018 and by chance stumbled across our venue in Ravello when we saw a wedding party walk into the venue. When it was time to speak to local planners we enquired about it and it was perfect!"

Katie Grant Photography

"Our venue luckily had a beautiful bridal suite available to us all day so my bridesmaids and I started our day there. My sister arranged the most special ceremony for us to start the day with, we meditated together and they all picked a little gemstone along with a wish for our marriage and I wore them on a band around my waist. I was quite nervous heading to the venue and this little ritual got a lot of tears out of the way and made me feel super grounded. I can only recommend starting your wedding day like this!"

Fran Adler Wedding in GINIA Silk Robe

"[our first dance song was]John Legend's All of me. It is actually one of Clint's favorite songs and he sings it every morning in the shower."

"We had our welcome lunch at Hotel Borgo Sant Andrea which was phenomenal. I really recommend having a welcome event so you get all the hello's and chit chat out of the way and can really enjoy your wedding day!"

Fran Adler Wedding

"A small guest list was really important to us as we didn't want to feel overwhelmed on the day. We ended up with 70 people and it was the perfect number. Looking around to see all your closest friends and family is the most special feeling"

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Photographer: Katie Grant @katiegrantphoto
H+M artists: Johanna Luhrs @jo_my_god
Location: Villa Eva in Ravello
Florals: Malafrontefiori in Ravello
Food: Villa Eva