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Women's Silk Pyjamas


Quality sleep begins with quality conditions. When it comes to investing in a great night of sleep, silk sleepwear can provide direct support for rest and rejuvenation, bringing comfort, elegance and health-promoting benefits into the bedroom. GINIA’s range of silk sleepwear celebrates the beauty of 100% silk and the way it falls on the female form, providing the perfect choice for pyjamas that embody class and elegance.

With silk offering breathable, moisture-wicking natural qualities, you’ll never be more comfortable as you slip into bed at night. Silk fabric absorbs sweat as we sleep, regulating body heat through two-way heat regulation. It couldn’t be easier to care for our silk sleepwear, with careful manufacturing allowing you to make the most of your silk pyjamas for years. Skip out on irritants such as colours or chemicals by embracing the gentleness of silk on your skin and experience the difference as you rest.

With 100% silk fabric that’s sourced from the highest quality of artisans, our silk follows a sustainable manufacturing process in order to result in long-lasting, high-quality designs and pieces.

Perfect for a weekend away, a sexy overnight surprise, a long, lingering brunch or just the daily routine, silk pyjamas elevate every day and simplify self-care. Find silk pyjamas that can enhance your rest and rejuvenation and invest in your self-care with GINIA’s perfect sleepwear pyjamas.

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