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Women's Ready To Wear Skirts & Pants


Made with women in mind

Feminine and timeless, silk has long been associated with luxury and superior comfort. At GINIA, we proudly design apparel for the women who inspire and empower us, helping them to feel comfortable in their own skin. Our thoughtfully curated collection of women’s silk pants and skirts feature elevated, contemporary pieces that are crafted to last and impress. Our silk bottoms will delicately cling to and flow over your natural curves and are designed to flatter all body shapes.

Modern silk essentials for every day

Able to be effortlessly dressed up or down, our silk bottoms will make sure you are radiating confidence wherever you’re headed. For a simple, clean silhouette that is sure to stun on any date night, simply pair one of our silk skirts with a matching cowl neck cami top and your favourite heels. Perfect for office wear, our versatile and sophisticated silk pants showcase an unparalleled drape and beautiful natural finish, helping you to look and feel your best no matter what your day might throw at you.

Silk for all tastes, shapes, sizes & climates 

Expertly crafted by internationally renowned artisans, our beautiful collection of silk bottoms feature colours inspired by the beauty of the Australian landscape. Breathable, insulated and lightweight, our silk is intended to be worn all year round and is suitable for hot summers and cool winters alike.

Slip into silk bottoms

When you shop GINIA’s collection of silk pants and skirts you can enjoy free shipping on all orders over $150 within Australia and we also offer complimentary priority shipping for all international orders over $300.

For all you need to know about returns, international shipping, or caring for your beautiful silk pieces, you can find answers on our FAQs page. We’d love to hear from you! For any other enquiries, feel free to get in touch with us today.

Tucked Midi Skirt $270.00 AU
Tucked Midi Skirt $270.00 AU
Delilah Pant $160.00 AU
Leni Mini Skirt $150.00 AU
Leni Mini Skirt $150.00 AU
Leni Mini Skirt $150.00 AU
Unbuttoned Skirt $300.00 AU
Fern Knit Skirt $110.00 AU $220.00 AU
Leaf Knit Pant $220.00 AU
Mamacita Pant $125.00 AU $250.00 AU
Mamacita Pant $125.00 AU $250.00 AU
Chief Pant $200.00 AU $400.00 AU
Chief Mini Skirt $150.00 AU $210.00 AU
Samba Pant $200.00 AU $400.00 AU
Zafina Long Pant $135.00 AU $270.00 AU
Iris Pant $300.00 AU
Yael Short $110.00 AU $180.00 AU
Yael Skirt $150.00 AU $250.00 AU
Amelia Pant $310.00 AU
Amelia Pant $310.00 AU
Lu Lounge Pant $196.00 AU $280.00 AU
Iris Pant $240.00 AU $300.00 AU
Iris Pant $252.00 AU $360.00 AU
Hazel Skirt $150.00 AU $250.00 AU
Hazel Pant $170.00 AU $280.00 AU
Allison Knit Short $120.00 AU $200.00 AU
Selena Knit Skirt $126.00 AU $180.00 AU
Marli Pant $150.00 AU $260.00 AU
Adele Pant $185.00 AU $310.00 AU
Adele Pant $185.00 AU $310.00 AU
Isla Pant $270.00 AU
Isla Pant $270.00 AU
Isla Pant $270.00 AU
Isla Pant $165.00 AU $270.00 AU
Henri Pant $179.00 AU $230.00 AU
Thea Slim Line Skirt $115.00 AU $290.00 AU
Naomi Lace Mini Skirt $85.00 AU $210.00 AU
Carmen Midi Skirt $116.00 AU $289.95 AU
Dakota Midi Skirt $88.00 AU $219.95 AU
Stella Skirt $80.00 AU $279.95 AU