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It's time for you to experience GINIA’s extensive collections of Ready To Wear and Sleepwear pieces that are elegant, comfortable, and made from only the highest quality fabrics.
Shop effortless style with GINIA RTW. Explore our versatile range of women's dresses, tops, skirts, and pants made with luxurious silks and linen blends for a minimal, elegant, and comfortable look. Our pieces transcend trends and are always in style. 
GINIA Sleepwear redefines nightwear with our extensive range of indulgent slips, chemises, camis, shorts, robes, and pyjama sets. Made from the highest quality silks, finest wools, cashmere, and cotton. Our silk pyjamas and silk slips sit softly against your skin, aiding in the relaxation and transition from the hum of a busy day to the gentleness of a quiet night. This natural protein fiber helps to promote healthy blood circulation, improve our metabolisms, and can aid our skin in preventing aging through its soft, supportive features.

There’s no feeling more luxurious than slipping into bed in a silk nightie or a set of silk pyjamas. This beautiful fabric is a welcome addition to your nighttime routine in all seasons, thanks to its durable natural fiber. If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and the best in comfort to your evenings, look no further than GINIA silk nightwear.

Make the most of year-round living with the breathability and temperature regulation silk offers. During the colder months, you’ll find greater warmth than fabrics like cotton and wool can provide. As the weather warms up, silk releases excess heat, allowing body temperatures to remain constant and comfortable. With silk providing durability across all seasons, you can invest in silk nightwear that provides superior comfort year-round.

Shop Ginia's RTW and Sleepwear silk collections that prioritise comfort without sacrificing elegance and luxury. GINIA’s pieces are irresistible. Take advantage of free shipping Australia-wide with orders over $150, and free priority shipping on international orders over $300.
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Pippa Nite $240.00 AU $300.00 AU
Pippa Cami $120.00 AU $150.00 AU
Pippa Short $96.00 AU $120.00 AU
Pearl Nite $264.00 AU $330.00 AU
Laos Stripe Cotton Cami $96.00 AU $120.00 AU
Laos Stripe Pant $144.00 AU $180.00 AU
Laos Stripe Cotton Tunic Dress $120.00 AU $150.00 AU
Ladder Shirt $300.00 AU
Hope Dress $330.00 AU
Hope Mini Dress $300.00 AU
Hope Dress $330.00 AU
Hope Mini Dress $300.00 AU
Cascading Lace Maxi Dress $344.00 AU $430.00 AU
Cascading Lace Mini Dress $280.00 AU $350.00 AU
Cascading Lace Maxi Dress $344.00 AU $430.00 AU
Cascading Lace Mini Dress $280.00 AU $350.00 AU
Haze Maxi Dress $256.00 AU $320.00 AU
Haze Cami $160.00 AU
Fine Finishes Pyjama $320.00 AU $400.00 AU
Day To Night Slip $220.00 AU $275.00 AU
Rio Shirt $320.00 AU $400.00 AU
Silk Piping Short $120.00 AU $150.00 AU
Leni Mini Skirt $120.00 AU $150.00 AU
Leni Mini Skirt $120.00 AU $150.00 AU
Leni Mini Skirt $120.00 AU $150.00 AU
Eclipse Mini Dress $200.00 AU $250.00 AU
Eclipse Maxi Dress $256.00 AU $320.00 AU
Unbuttoned Skirt $240.00 AU $300.00 AU
Unbuttoned Top $160.00 AU $200.00 AU
Unbuttoned Dress $360.00 AU $450.00 AU
Marcelle Mini Dress $256.00 AU $320.00 AU
Marcelle Mini Dress $256.00 AU $320.00 AU
Leni Maxi Dress $256.00 AU $320.00 AU
Leni Cami $128.00 AU $160.00 AU
Leni Cami $128.00 AU $160.00 AU
Leni Cami $128.00 AU $160.00 AU
Marli Dress $344.00 AU $430.00 AU
Isla Shirt $228.00 AU $285.00 AU
Camp Shirt $200.00 AU $250.00 AU
Sadie Dress $272.00 AU $340.00 AU
Marli Top $144.00 AU $180.00 AU
Florence Short $120.00 AU $150.00 AU
Florence Mini $200.00 AU $250.00 AU
Florence Slip Dress $280.00 AU $350.00 AU