Wearing comfortable nightwear in bed is essential for beauty sleep, and every woman wants that! Silk is a luxurious fabric loved by women all year long. As the most durable natural fiber, it is an excellent choice for making you feel special. On days when you must stay home, you can wear them all day and all night, lounge-like a movie star. GINIA Women's Silk Pajamas and Silk Slips are soft against your skin, long-lasting, and lightweight enough to relax your mind and body. Wearing this natural protein fiber is a great way to promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, and prevent skin aging.

At GINIA, you'll find the most comfortable nightwear, from cute shorts to classic button-downs, silk tanks, lace shorts, and even dramatic dresses, there's something for everyone. Silk regulates temperature in both directions. When it is cold, it reduces heat transfer and provides greater warmth than other fabrics like cotton and wool. It releases excess heat when it is hot, so your body temperature remains constant, so you remain warm in winter and cool in summer. Therefore, you don't have to worry about picking it in the right season. An irresistible piece of clothing that is oh-so-soft. Shop our collection now to feel gorgeous, cozy, and comfortable while sleeping.

When you shop GINIA’s collection of luxury silk sleepwear, you can take advantage of free shipping Australia-wide if your order exceeds $150 and free priority shipping on international orders over $300.