Sustainability Journey

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“We believe that this evolution is a conversation and we're focused on becoming the most responsible version of ourselves.” 

Where we are.

Ginia’s manufacturing story began in a small sample room in Melbourne 40 years ago. As the brand has evolved, so too has our supply chain transformed to reflect the modernisation of the brand whilst maintaining that sense of closeness and craftsmanship with our makers who we value as an essential part of our past, present and future.

As China is the home of silk, we take great pride in our modern supply chain which harnesses that geographical closeness of the yarn spinners, fabric mills and clothing makers, keeping that sense of community and minimizing our environmental footprint before our garments are stitched into shape.

For Ginia we believe that responsible design begins at the inspiration board, favoring seasonless design in high quality fabrics that are built to last. We choose to work mostly with natural fibres, and celebrate silk for its durability, lustre and comfort.

Careful thought has been placed on how our garments are cared for and maintained beyond the first purchase. We encourage all our customers to gently hand wash their items in cool water, favouring this environmentally friendly option over traditional dry cleaning or steam cleaning options. This helps our customers to reduce their environmental footprint and extend the life of the garment to be loved and endure for years.

What the Future looks like.

Ginia is committed to honouring our makers and is currently exploring the most appropriate auditing and certification programme for our supply chain. We believe that this evolution is a conversation and we're focused on becoming the most responsible version of ourselves. We are committed to conducting business legally and ethically and will always operate within the laws and regulations of the countries we operate in, our expectation is that our suppliers will follow in our footsteps and comply with the same standards as we do.

We are committed to eliminating plastic waste from our packaging including swing tags and labeling, and are currently looking to committing to being free of plastics prior to 2023. 

As we continue to grow and evolve we are in the process of ensuring all fabrics are OEKO-Tex certified by 2023. Currently around 50% of the collection carries this certification and you can see this marked in our product descriptions.  As we continue to expand into the likes of cotton and linen yarns, certifications such as GOTS and GRS become increasingly important, and we seek to use these accredited yarns where possible. 

It’s a conversation 

We accept the inherent paradox of the current fashion industry that relies on newness for its survival versus practices of sustainability. We encourage our customers to purchase mindfully and love their Ginia pieces beyond the lifecycle of trends. With proper care, Ginia wardrobe staples will stand the test of time. 

We believe that part of doing better is having an open conversation, so please reach out and let us know what matters to you, here at