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Women's Ready To Wear New Arrivals


On the hunt for the perfect date night dress? Need elevated separates you can throw in within minutes? Looking for a versatile day-to-night ensemble? Whether you’re looking for a single addition to your wardrobe, or to replace it all, GINIA’s ready-to-wear new arrivals bring the latest in refined silk designs.

Our silk is sourced within a modern supply chain that harnesses the geographic closeness of our yarn spinners, fabric mills, and clothing makers, embracing quality and sustainability as each of our garments takes shape. With a priority on longevity, GINIA’s pieces are designed to last for decades, extending the life of each garment through careful care and maintenance.

Find new season prints that bring sophisticated updates or pick up a silk dress in a classic colorway. Our pieces are shaped and designed to stand the test of time, becoming the piece you reach for when you want to wow and when you want to luxuriate in quiet, solo comfort. With a focus on bold, fashion-forward innovation that doesn’t come at the cost of timeless, elegant features, GINIA’s pieces are designed to travel with you across the course of many seasons.

The beautiful natural fibers of silk mean it lends itself to sleepwear and daytime wear alike, drawing on versatility, a lustrous finish, and a rich, elegant drape that’s complementary across all shapes and sizes. Embrace a silhouetting of natural curves and a flattering of beautiful features with silk’s ebbing, flowing movements. Across dresses, skirts, button-down shirts, and tops alike, silk brings a feminine flair to essential wardrobe staples.

GINIA’s ready-to-wear new arrivals are made all the better with free shipping Australia-wide for orders over $150, with free priority shipping on orders over $300 for our international silk lovers.

Eclipse Mini Dress $168.00 USD
Eclipse Maxi Dress $215.00 USD
Marli Top $121.00 USD
Marli Dress $288.00 USD
Leni Maxi Dress $215.00 USD
Sadie Dress $228.00 USD
Leni Cami $108.00 USD
Leni Mini Skirt $101.00 USD
Sadie Dress $228.00 USD
Sadie Top $134.00 USD
Sadie Dress $228.00 USD
Sadie Top $134.00 USD
Amour Midi Dress $235.00 USD
Amour Mini Dress $188.00 USD
Rio Dress $268.00 USD
Iris Pant $201.00 USD
Samba Top $148.00 USD
Samba Pant $268.00 USD
Chief Blazer $436.00 USD
Chief Mini Skirt $141.00 USD
Chief Pant $268.00 USD
Hope Dress $221.00 USD
Hope Top $121.00 USD
Mamacita Bustier $134.00 USD
Mamacita Pant $168.00 USD
Mamacita Bustier $134.00 USD
Mamacita Pant $168.00 USD
Leaf Knit Pant $148.00 USD
Leaf Knit Shirt $148.00 USD
Fern Knit Dress $235.00 USD
Fern Knit Crop $121.00 USD
Fern Knit Skirt $148.00 USD
Delilah Slip $201.00 USD
Frida Lace Dress $255.00 USD