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Ginia Concept Space

October 29, 2019 3 min read

Ginia Concept Space

Georgia Ezra is the director of Melbourne based interior design practice STUDIO EZRA, alongside artisan tile purveyors Tiles of Ezra. A treasure hunter and market-maven at heart, Georgia searches the globe for inspiration and resources from a range of exotic cultures, and is experienced and passionate about pushing the boundaries of modern design in creating spaces that enlighten and inspire everyday.

​Georgia's philosophy is simple – she is devoted to educate, motivate and inspire others in creating the most empowering, healthy and beautiful homes. “I believe in crafting spaces that affect our senses, spirit and mood in such a way that our internal and spiritual heath is elevated."
How did you intertwine the GINIA brand aesthetic into your work on the concept space?
When I think of Ginia, I feel like I am transported to the south of France or to Tuscany, the range harnesses an element of high end Europe; the range and brand is simple, but flattering to all shapes. The products are timeless and universal, with great quality. When assisting in the concept space for Ginia at David Jones, all of these elements were what I used to help inspire the tiles and shapes we suggested to the team. We wanted the end user to see the space and automatically feel luxury, to feel high end but to feel the easiness that the brand exudes. Beautiful stone tiles that clad back walls, back-lit by the soft hum of the strip lighting, exude a moment of the humble simple earth that is so comforting. The arch pays homage to the Mediterranean elements of Europe, which Ginia goes hand in hand with. 
Can you share some of the challenges that coincide with being a creative entrepreneur?
There are many - the sky is always the limit, there is the never ending list of dreams, goals and passions you wish to pursue with such little time, and also the limitations around the manufacturing side. As someone who is passionate to bring beautiful designs to the marketplace, working with manufacturers who have cultural and language differences can often be challenging, yet oh-so-rewarding when established. 
You collaborated with Gabrielle Schwartz, the Creative Director behind GINIA and also your sister-in-law. What was that creative process like?
Well, Gabrielle and I understand each other very deeply. We have known each other for over a decade and so understanding what she wanted, and her trust in my aesthetic and skill set, made the process to be swift and simple. Gabrielle has a very high end and high quality approach to everything she does, and so when it came to assisting in this concept store it was the only way we approached this. We didn't cut corners, we wanted to make sure the range of clothing was the star yet also we were deeply considerate of the end user experience as they saw the space from afar, to the approach, and then of course the interaction and usability. It was all considered. We are all proud of the end result. 
How does GINIA work with your lifestyle?
I live in my Ginia pieces, they call them Ready-to-Wear, and they are. From the beach to afternoon cocktails to popping on a pair of heels, all of these pieces are transported from casual to classy. I have worn the same tops and dresses for over 5 years and they are still my staples within my wardrobe, it's what I love most about the brand. Longevity, great fit, high quality and easability! 
What's in store for 2020 and Tiles of Ezra?
Where do I start? Tiles Of Ezra is growing and we are now distributing our brand and range into three news countries, with talks for more in 2020. I am personally excited to be working on, and about to launch, my new lifestyle brand 'At Home With Georgia Ezra' within the next 6 months, which is a celebration of authenticity in the home and a range of pieces that I have personally designed with artisans from around the globe. Everything is 100% handmade and honoring the sustainability of the craft. One can sign up for the launch of this brand here - I am also In the final stages of editing my coffee table book which is very very exciting. Big things happening in 2020 which I am very excited about! 
Explore our new Ginia concept space at the newly renovated David Jones Flagship store. David Jones Elizabeth Street 86-108 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000