Winter 2019

We design for women who inspire and empower us, who are comfortable in their own skin. since its creation, GINIA Australia has shaped silk sleepwear over the last 40 years. Created in Australia, GINIA had the vision to create products that were aspirational yet accessible for the real woman.  Living true to its philosophy the feminine, timeless dressing of GINIA customers proves time and time again that GINIA is the label of choice for silk sleepwear for every purpose, whether it be infused into daily life or a special occasion.

Staying true to the founding principles and all that GINIA embodies, GINIA launched a pure 100% silk RTW collection in 2015. GINIA continues to create elevated contemporary pieces for the everyday wardrobe. The original GINIA customer was left with endless opportunities to add timeless, sophisticated and contemporary pieces to her assortment. The elevated sleep experience continues throughout the day, delivering a confident daywear experience.

With recent movements and the culmination of both brands, the GINIA brand has never been more cohesive. With a clear focus, we now deliver quality everyday pieces, for the everyday woman, both in and outside of the bedroom.


Ginia creates modern silk essentials for everyday. A collection of beautifully curated pieces that work independently and in combination.

GINIA focuses on creating aspirational, versatile, contemporary products at accessible price points for the everyday woman. GINIA appreciates that quality, price and experience are what drives consumer loyalty, a foundation that GINIA, to this day has not faltered.

Searching the globe, domestically and internationally, GINIA is dedicated to creating product of the highest quality. Hand picking and carefully selecting artisans to create our collections across Australia, Italy and Asia.

We believe in woman looking after women. We design for the women who inspire us; comfortable in their own skin and effortless in their style.

Ginia is built on the foundations of the transeasonal nature of silk. A large component of the brand is core and available through the year. We continue to infuse colour options based on seasonal trends and further options to work into your wardrobe.



40 years on, Ginia’s goal remains the same; to create timeless, high quality, affordable pieces and to be the label of choice for Silk essentials across Sleepwear and Ready to Wear.