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In celebration of our timeless Washable Silk Collection. Four enthusiasts share the books they always turn to when times are a little tough. These are their must-reads and you will want to include on your list.

Girl, Woman, Other - Bernadine Evaristo

“A close girlfriend suggested I pick up this read after I complained of having a severe case of Iso claustrophobia. I am always drawn to fiction as a form of escapism and Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo does not disappoint. Evaristo transports you into the lives of 12 different characters of coloured descent. Mainly female, this dynamic story tells the struggles and experiences of females in modern day Britain.” - Emilie

The Naked Truth. A Life In Parts - Graeme Blundell

"I am currently reading the autobiography of my boyfriend’s father – “The Naked Truth. A life in parts” by Graeme Blundell. He is an actor best known for his comedic role as Alvin Purple which was one of the first R-rated films in Australia. If you are into theatre, film and television, it is fascinating read about the new wave of Australian drama and a man at the forefront of the disruption to the theatre industry. Graeme and his cohorts were at the beginning of the wave of momentous social and cultural change that so greatly enriched the lives of the generations that followed. But for me it is slightly strange reading about your potential father-in-law’s sexual exploits in the free-loving 60’s and 70’s!" - Linda

How To Survive And Thrive When Bad Things Happen - Jim Taylor

"I majored in Psychology at Uni, so I enjoy reading books about the mind. My mom picked this book up for me which was touching, given the current climate. It’s good to know that things we all hear repeatedly are grounded in facts and actually work e.g. staying calm and positive when a crisis hits is extremely beneficial, for not only getting out of it, but coming out better on the other side. This book delves into the reasons why, for those like me, who like to know the details." - Nicole

Little Fires Everywhere - Celeste Ng

"This was on my list of books to read since it launched in 2017. There's a good reason the novel was picked up by Reese Witherspoon for her latest TV series. Taking place in the 90s, it follows the lives of two families as they navigate teenhood, the past, and social divides. I'm captivated by the story of each character; I can't put it down." - Hannah