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Women's Ready To Wear Tops


If you’re looking for a new favourite top, you’re about to find it. Our luxurious silk tops will envelop you in the richness of high-quality silk we use for each one of our incredibly soft pieces.

Why We Choose Silk

Silk is known as the most luxurious material in the world, worn by those who have an appreciation of the finer, classic things in life. But silk can also be stylish and trendsetting as you can see in our silk top clothing.

Silk is as strong as it is beautiful. It is incredibly resistant to odour, stains, wrinkles and tears. Because the fibres are so strong, they serve as insulation to keep skin cool in the summer and warm in the winter. For all of silk's amazing benefits, more than anything, it makes our clothes gorgeous. 

When you buy our silk tops online, take a look at our collection of silk bottoms. We make it easy for you to match your top with the perfect pair of silk pants. 

Caring for Your Look

Don’t worry about silk being difficult to care for – we make that very simple with our line of silk care products. At Ginia, we design and help you care for the most beautiful silk tops in Australia.

If you have other questions about how to wear, care and love your new silk tops, we’ve answered those on our FAQ page. We can help you with sizing and even more care instructions to keep your garments looking and feeling great.

Ginia & You

You’re not just choosing the most gorgeous silk tops online – you’re choosing the most stunning silk clothing anywhere. We make clothes with you in mind so you feel as beautiful as you look.

Selena Top $120.00 AU $240.00 AU
Dakota Top $84.98 AU $169.95 AU
Isabel Wrap Top $124.98 AU $249.95 AU