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Like Ginia's history, good silk lasts for decades. With the right care and love, your gorgeous pieces will be with you for a lifetime. Shop our new range of silk accessories, crafted from Ginia's signature high grade mulberry silk. The technology is the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness and durability - it’s scientifically shown to reduce friction. So it won’t tug at your skin, create sleep creases, damage hair or cause bed head.

Ms Brown has created a range of silk care products that will make your life easy.

A simple, considered and natural approach to products for the home and body. No synthetics, parabens, sulphates or toxic chemicals. Just plant-based ingredients that your clothes, skin and the environment will love. Proudly made in Australia using all-natural and certified organic ingredients. Learn More about silk care here

Silk is one of the most delicate fabrics you can have at home and requires special care to keep it looking and feeling beautiful to the touch. One of our favourite products to use on our silk pieces is Ms Brown’s Delicate Wash. It’s part of a special line of silk care products designed to take the very best care of your GINIA items and keep them looking new — for longer. Delicately scented with handpicked plant-based ingredients including organic herbs and pure essential oils, these washes are all natural and non-toxic.

Made from 100% natural ingredients

With the right care, your gorgeous pieces will last a lifetime. Show them a little love with silk care products like the ones from Ms Brown, containing natural, organic and plant-based ingredients that your clothes, skin and the environment will love.

Environmentally friendly

We care about the environment and do what we can to share the love, which is why every bottle of Mrs Brown is made from recyclable plastic and contains no synthetic ingredients. 

If you have sensitive skin, thanks to its natural ingredients, this is also a perfect choice for hand-washing silk and wool products; your beautiful pieces will be gently cleaned and come out smelling of fragrant botanicals.

A top tip for our green fingered friends, if you’re washing your silk by hand, you can filter the water with a grey water system so that you can re-use it for watering plants! Show your silk the love it deserves by always using cold water when washing and if in doubt, check the care label. 

We want you to enjoy our stunning silk pieces so please feel free to view our FAQs page or contact us if you have any questions.

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